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Governmental agencies include those agencies that design, build and maintain our roads and parks, educate our children and provide the services that allow our community to function and grow. However, their far-reaching influence sometimes affects us in ways that cause harm because of breakdowns in the system. Special rules apply for litigation against a municipal or government agency. Typical litigation includes Highway and roadway design and maintenance failures - Defective public sidewalks - Hazards in parks - Negligent supervision of school children - Improper operation of city vehicles and equipment - Police assault and shootings - Subway and other railroad related occurrences - Faulty maintenance of public structures, negligent medical care at Municipal Hospitals and Negligent Medical Care at Federally Run Hospitals such as Army, Navy, Air Force Hospitals as well as Veterans Administration or VA Hospital across the nation including Hospitals of the Public Health System. The Federal Government liability is controlled by the Federal Tort Claims Act which is a limited waiver of sovereign immunity.



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